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Sculpture Process

In recent years I have learnt about the lost wax process in order to make high quality bronze sculpture.  I love the versatility of modelling or carving in wax.  The original spontaneous wax model goes through a long process of refinement until the sculpture feels complete and resolved. The final stage of this process is heating the bronze cast to a high temperature and applying chemical patination until the right colour is achieved.

Artist Intention

I believe that sculpture is a direct way of expressing a universal human feeling.  In each sculpture I attempt to capture a moment in time and a sense of being or soul.


I was born in 1949 in Los Angeles, California.  I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art specialising in sculpture at California State University Northridge in 1972.

I moved to England in 1976.  I trained as as an Art Psychotherapist in 1983 and as a Psychodramatist in 1995.  I worked in mental health with adults and children for 35 years. The focus of my work was to enable people to understand and make sense of their inner life through art and drama.

I moved to Cornwall in 1995 and returned  to making sculpture. The North Cornish landscape filled me with inspiration and being near the sea reminded me of home in California.

I retired from working in mental health for the NHS in 2008.  I moved to West Devon where I designed and built an oak framed sculpture studio. I am now a part-time sculptor.


Exhibition History

September 2019RWA Open Exhibition
January 2019RWA Sculpture Exhibition
October 2018RWA Open Exhibition Bristol
October 2017RWA Open Exhibition Bristol
30-4-2014Art Fund Exhibition Hampshire
2014Group Exhibition Artmill Gallery Devon
2014Group Exhibition Limekiln Gallery Cornwall
2013Group Exhibition Artmill Gallery Plymouth
2013Group Exhibition Limekiln Cornwall
2012Group Exhibition Hilton Fine Art Gallery Bath
2012Group Exhibition Stoneman Gallery Penzance
2011Group Exhibition Artmill Gallery Plymouth
2011Group Exhibition Limekiln Gallery Cornwall
2010Group Exhibition Limekiln Gallery Cornwall
2009Group Exhibition Harbour Gallery Cornwall
2006Group Exhibition Lander Gallery Cornwall
2004Group Exhibition Camelford Gallery Cornwall
2004Group Exhibition Glass House Gallery Cornwall
2003falmouth Art Gallery Heads
2002Group Exhibition Broomhill Sculpture Garden North Devon
2001Group ExhibitionArt Garden Gallery Bristol